Turn more tables with Exatouch®!

Turn tables faster and operate smarter with an intuitive point of sale system designed for casual or fine restaurants, bars, and quick service establishments. From the front to the back of the house, Exatouch’s robust features streamline overall operations, enabling you to focus on your diners and keep them coming back for more!

  • Table Management

    Get a birds-eye view of your dining room! With detailed multi-zone table mapping, Exatouch enables you to assign tables, servers and courses to accommodate your diners with ease - especially during peak dining hours. Keep tabs on the entire dining sequence and see which tables and bar seats are vacant and occupied.

  • Tableside Ordering

    With the Exatouch tablet, servers can input customer orders at the table, increasing speed and efficiency. Plus, servers can control the firing sequence of guest's course selections to the kitchen, providing an impeccable dining experience for your patrons.

  • Difficult Orders Made Easy

    Manage the most complicated orders with ease. With Exatouch, it's simple to split guest checks, transfer tickets, move items, change or combine tables, add discounts and more!

  • Modifiers

    Fast-paced restaurants love Exatouch for the speed of order entry, and streamlined modifications. Modifiers can be tracked for potential upsell opportunities!

  • Integrated Payments

    A leading EMV solution, Exatouch enables your business to accept the latest payment methods, including EMV and contactless payments. With semi-integrated solutions such as the PAX D210, you’ll have a sleek, WiFi device designed to interact with your patrons and allow for payments right at the table. Best of all, there are no gateway or middleware fees because of our direct network integrations. Additionally, when you use Exatouch, you benefit from fast transactions, optimal network uptime, and a single deposit for all your card types.

  • Customer Engagement and Promotions

    Recognize your customers and keep them coming back with frequent customer discounts and menu specials. Discounts can be manually entered or automatically calculated based on time, day, or items ordered.


Expedite the payment process with an ultra-light wireless terminal that accepts EMV and contactless transactions right at the table! As the only POS to support post-auth tip adjust on EMV transactions, your customers can settle a check and tip their server at the same time, reducing the chance of fraudulent transactions and enhancing their overall experience.

Exatouch At-a-Glance

Exatouch brings more features and greater possibilities to your restaurant!

Front of House
  • Multi-zone table mapping
  • Track head counts
  • Walk-in/take-out and delivery
  • Daily specials
  • Modifier Rollup
  • Employee Access cards
Integrated Payments
  • EMV and contactless payments
  • Pay-at-the-table
  • Tip adjust on EMV transactions
  • Integrated gift card program – eGiftSolutions
  • Single deposit for all card types
Order Management
  • Configure printer options – Bar, Kitchen, etc.
  • Control firing times with enhanced coursing
  • Add and define modifiers
  • Special instructions
  • Open tabs
  • Split checks by items or amounts
  • Join checks
Staff Management
  • Staff scheduling
  • Split shifts
  • Edit timesheets
  • Tip reporting
  • Evaluate sales performance and manage security levels

Reporting Tools

Knowledge is power.

Gain even more insight into your restaurant with Exatouch's complete reporting features! Analyze detailed sales and inventory reports, financial data, employee sales production, and more!

Additionally, conveniently email, export and print reports to keep up with daily activities!

  • Daily Summary

  • View top selling and zero movement items

  • Sales by day-part

  • Batch and transaction details

  • Access cost and profit margins

  • Revenue center report

  • Detailed customer database

  • Order history

  • Sales by customer

  • Reconcile purchase orders

  • SKU and barcode reporting

  • Suggested orders